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25 01, 2018
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A Guide to Payment Options for Facelift and Necklift Surgery

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What choices do I have for paying for my cosmetic surgery? What are the collateral requirements? Here is a guide to payment options for necklift and facelift surgery. Affordable Facelift Surgery One of the many things that we are proud of in the cosmetic surgery industry is that more and more people can afford our

4 01, 2018
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Facelifts and Necklifts Are on Trend for 2018!

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Each year brings new cosmetic surgery procedures, techniques and trends. So, what is hot for 2018? Learn why facelifts and necklifts are on trend for 2018. Fresh Facelift Youthfulness Traditionally, the symbol of a New Year has an old, white bearded man being replaced by a youthful baby. This is a time for reflection on

29 11, 2017
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Should you combine a necklift with a facelift procedure?

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More people than ever before are electing to have a facelift procedure that can take years off of their appearance. Facelift procedure results performed by a talented plastic surgeon are simply amazing. Sometimes, a patient opts for a simpler and less invasive mini facelift for a natural end result. A plastic surgery facelift procedure increases

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