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24 10, 2018
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Why People Travel to Miami for Facelift Surgery

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Are the plastic surgery beauty standards the same in every city? What are some of the differences? Learn why people travel to Miami for facelift surgery at Miami Plastic Surgery. Facelift Surgery Provides Fountain of Youth There have been many stories about the "Fountain of Youth" hearkening back to 5th century B.C. Rumors abound concerning

12 09, 2018
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What Issues Are Addressed in a Mid Facelift Surgery?

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Every year, it seems like there is a new procedure in the plastic surgeon field. Plastic surgery continues to advance with better technology, techniques and procedures. What issues are addressed in a mid facelift surgery in Miami? Full Facial Beauty Balance Over time, the best plastic surgeons are reviewing past results and creating better procedures

28 08, 2018
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5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Facelift Surgery

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Why Do I Really Want to Have Facelift Miami Surgery? Most individuals worrisome about getting older. Some are more concerned about looking older rather then the progressive nature of the aging process itself. Many of these individuals decide to undergo a facelift to counteract the adverse effects that aging, environmental conditions, hormones, stress and other

14 08, 2018
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The Focus Areas of an Upper Facelift

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It is easy for anyone researching the details of the various cosmetic lifting procedures involving the face to become confused. Surgeons and others use different terminology to indicate the type of cosmetic surgery that they will be performing. Always find a board certified Miami Facelift plastic surgeon that offers a thorough consultation and assessment appointment,

4 07, 2018
  • Facelift Costs Guide

Facelift Costs – a Quick Guide

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Many Miami, Fl area residents and the local medical community trust Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon to deliver exceptional cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kelly specializes in facial and neck plastic surgeries among other cosmetic procedures. His talent and motto to give each patient a customized care plan continues to pay off with many happy and satisfied

26 04, 2018
  • Pre-Wedding Facelift Surgery

How to Plan Pre-wedding Facelift Surgery Properly

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Ladies have been getting plastic surgery procedures done prior to their big wedding day for many years. Unlike women from a generation or more ago, those that go this route today are more prone to discuss it with close friends or family members. It is crucial for a prospective bride to completely evaluate her real

29 03, 2018
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Tips for Talking About Your Facelift Surgery With Loved Ones

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Many people want to have social and emotional confirmation of their life choices. This can include cosmetic surgery. Here are 3 tips for talking about facelift surgery with loved ones. Talking about Facelift Surgery - Personal Decision Talking about facelift surgery can be difficult for some. That is one reason why the best facelift surgeon

18 01, 2018
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Facelift Surgeon Dr Kelly, Facelift Procedure, Dr. Michael Kelly Plastic Surgeon

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You only have one face, so you should probably only trust it to the best. If you want the best facelift surgery in Miami, then you should contact Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon. Learn why Dr Kelly stands out amongst his peers. Facing the Truth Dr Kelly is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

28 11, 2017
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Why Winter Is the Perfect Season for Your Facelift Surgery

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For one, the winter period - after the holidays have ended - is usually the least busy season for work and social obligations. You can easily slip away between January and February to get your procedure done, with no one being the wiser. This makes for an excellent time to make the changes that you

17 10, 2017
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What Health Issues Can Exclude You from Facelift Surgery?

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Many plastic surgery clients consider a facelift surgery as a minor surgical procedure with very few potentially bad outcomes. That is absolutely a false concept. A Miami facelift surgery is still a surgical procedure and complications are always possible. However, most of these complications arise from preexisting health conditions that were not discussed with the

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