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2 05, 2018
  • Skin Care After Facelift Surgery

Summer Skincare Tips for After Your Facelift Surgery

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What should you do after your facelift surgery? Skincare after facelift surgery can make all the difference in achieving the best results. Summer skincare tips for after your facelift surgery. Proper Moisturization For the first week or so, you will need to concentrate on stopping the bleeding and swelling. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon will

19 02, 2018
  • recovery after Facelift in Miami

Patience Is Key to a Healthy Recovery After Your Facelift in Miami

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It is important to follow all discharge instructions following your facelift surgery to avoid unwanted complications. Some facial bruising and swelling is normal directly postoperative. These symptoms might become more pronounced for about three days. Most bruising and swelling subsides within two weeks, but the amount or presence of bruising and swelling depends on the

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